Welcome to 'Movimento' the home page for Italian  Justice!

Our aim is to share what we are doing to try to achieve a justice system based on equality which is rapid and effective within the terms of our statute provisions. This page is not just for members of the judiciary but also for other professionals concerned with justice.

We are convinced that Justice like other key social issues(education,health etc.) is a problem for society and not just one which concerns only a selected number of professionals working in the area.

It is important and also the right for people to discuss the changes that are needed and to give their opinions about those changes which are happening currently.

It is not likely that there will be fundamental changes without agreement from a wide range of people after prolonged thought and discussion.

This home page is not only a way to exploit “wonders of technics” as a tribute to modernity needs, but it is the only way to facilitate discussion and to foster partnership between professionals both in this country and in others.

You will problems we have currently to face (which in fact are your problems too, as the misfunction of justice it is a common problem). The page will provide an opportunity for you to share your ideas, suggestions and complaints about the systems. It will allow for an exchange of opinions and a way to challenge the systems of power and control to move forward to bring about a justice system fit for a free country.

We are especially interested in you if you are a judge or a lawyer because advocacy and the judiciary are the two faces of the justice system which have a moral duty to co-operate, confront and overcome stupid obstacles which people use to stop the justice system being renovated and changed.

An old Russian proverb says 'If your heart it is a rose, your mouth will say scented words'.

If in your heart you are committed to democracy where all people can become free then you and your PC will certainly find the time to contribute to issues of legality and the problems of justice on this page.

We look forward to reading your responses.